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Below are links to the individual state rules/statutes on class actions. Most included rules are part of the respective state rules of civil procedure.

ALABAMA:  Article 33, Code of Alabama.  (Article 33, at bottom of page)

ALASKA:  Rule 23, Alaska Rules of Civil Procedure.

ARIZONA:  Rule 23, Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure.

ARKANSAS:  Rules 23, 23.1, 23.2, Arkansas Rules of Civil Procedure.

CALIFORNIA:  Division V, California Rules of Court.  (Division V, toward bottom of page)

COLORADO:  Rule 23, Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure.  (Westlaw)

CONNECTICUT:  9-7, Connecticut Rules of Court.  (Westlaw)

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  Rule 23.1, Rules of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.  (PDF, Page 47)

DELAWARE:  Rule 23, Delaware Rules of Civil Procedure.  (PDF, Page 45)

FLORIDA:  Rule 1.220, Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.

GEORGIA:  Rule 9-11-23, Georgia Code.

HAWAII:  Rules 23, 23.1, 23.2, Hawaii Rules of Civil Procedure.

IDAHO:  Rule 23, Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure.

ILLINOIS:  Part 8, Illinois Code of Civil Procedure.

INDIANA:  Rule 23, Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure.

IOWA:  Rule 1.261-1.279, Iowa Court Rules.  (PDF, Page 39)

KANSAS:  60-223, Kansas Statutes.

KENTUCKY:  Rule 23, Kentucky Civil Rules.

LOUISIANA:  Chapter 5, Louisiana Code of Civil.

MAINE:  Rule 23, Maine Rules of Civil Procedure.

MARYLAND:  Rule 2-231, Maryland Rules.  (Westlaw)

MASSACHUSETTS:  Rule 23, Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure.

MICHIGAN:  Rule 3.501, Michigan Rules of Court.  (PDF, Rule 3.501 is on page 79)

MINNESOTA:  Rule 23, Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure.  (Omitted)

MISSISSIPPI:  Rules 23, 23.1, 23.2, Mississippi Rules of Civil Procedure.

MISSOURI:  Rule 52.08, Missouri Rules of Civil Procedure.

MONTANA:  Rule 23, Montana Rules of Civil Procedure.

NEBRASKA:  Section 25-319, State of Nebraska Statutes.

NEVADA:  Rule 23, Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure.

NEW HAMPSHIRE:  Rule 27, Rules of the Superior Court of the State of New Hampshire.

NEW JERSEY:  Rule 4:32, New Jersey Court Rules.

NEW MEXICO:  1.023, New Mexico Statutes and Court Rules.  (New Mexico Statutes and Court Rules > Contents of Judicial Volumes > Rules of Civil Procedure for the District Courts > 1.023)

NEW YORK:  Article 9, New York Civil Practice Law & Rules.

NORTH CAROLINA:  Rule 23, North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure.

NORTH DAKOTA:  Rule 23, North Dakota Court Rules.  (Westlaw)

OHIO:  Rule 23, Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure.

OKLAHOMA:  12-2023, Oklahoma Statutes.  (RTF, Page 303)

OREGON:  Rule 32, Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure.  (“Find” function, “rule 23”)

PENNSYLVANIA:  Rules 1701-1716, Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure.

RHODE ISLAND: Rule 23, Rhode Island Rules of Court

SOUTH CAROLINA:  Rule 23, South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure.

SOUTH DAKOTA:  15-6-23, South Dakota Codified Laws.  (“Find” function, “15-6-23”)

TENNESSEE:  Rule 23, Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure.  (“Find” function, “Rule 23”)

TEXAS:  Chapter 26, Civil Practice & Remedies Code.  (PDF)

UTAH:  Rule 23, Utah Rules of Civil Procedure.

VERMONT:  Rules 23, 23.1, 23.2, Vermont Rules of Civil Procedure.   (Vermont Court Rules > Rules of Civil Procedure > IV. Parties > Rule 23)


WASHINGTON:  Rule 23, Washington State Court Rules.

WEST VIRGINIA:  Rule 23, West Virginia Rules of Civil Procedure.  (Rule 23, around middle of page)

WISCONSIN:  Chapter 803.08, Wisconsin Statutes.  (PDF, page 4)

WYOMING:  Rule 23, Wyoming Civil Rules.

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