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Below is a bibliography of books on class action law. The entries are arranged alphabetically by author.

Conte, Alba. Attorney Fee Awards, 3rd ed. (Thompson-West 2004).

Conte, Alba & Newberg, Herbert B. Newberg on Class Actions, 4th ed. (Thomson-West 2002).

Jasper, Margaret C. Your Rights in a Class Action Suit (Oceana Publications 2005).

Mulheron, Rachael P. The Class Action in Common Law Legal Systems: a Comparative Perspective (Oxford 2004).

Mullenix, Linda S. Mass Tort Litigation: Cases and Materials (West Pub. Co. 1996).

Rheingold, Paul D. Mass tort litigation (Clark Boardman Callaghan, 1996).

Sanders, Joseph. Bendectin on Trial: a Study of Mass Tort Litigation Joseph Sanders (University of Michigan Press 1998).

Weinstein, Jack B. Individual Justice in Mass Tort Litigations: the Effect of Class Actions, Consolidations, and Other Multiparty Devices (Northwestern University Press 1995).

Yeazell, Stephen C. From Medieval Group Litigation to the Modern Class Action (Yale University Press 1987)

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