In February 2005, Congress enacted the Class Action Fairness Act (CAFA). CAFA alters class action practice in state and federal courts throughout the United States. The law: changes the rules for federal diversity jurisdiction and removal, enabling most large class cases to be filed in, or removed to, federal court; restricts the practice of coupon settlements; and transforms the procedures for settling class actions in federal courts. CAFA contains a host of new, often complex, rules.
     This site features a comprehensive collection of cases decided under or regarding CAFA, with summaries and full opinions for the included cases. Also featured is a collection of CAFA resources, including Professor Rubenstein's analysis of CAFA and the full text of CAFA.

About the Site

William_b_rubenstein_2 This site provides attorneys, judges, law professors and students with a comprehensive resource on class action law. The editor is William B. Rubenstein, Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. Professor Rubenstein's work emphasizes class action law: he has published, litigated, and served as an expert witness in the field and he regularly provides consulting services to attorneys involved in complex procedural matters. More..

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